Copenhagen on a budget

We decided to take a little January trip, away from windy, cold England to just as cold Copenhagen!

Ryanair flights £30 per person, direct from London Stansted Airport – we got these pretty last minute and it seems to stay roughly around that price, with hand luggage only.

*TIP* Ryanair now make you check in your small suitcase carry on and take it to the hold unless you pay for Priority boarding which is a bit of a pain but it’s still free at least, just not as fast when you have to wait for luggage on the belt.

We booked a hostel in town called Danhostel, it was in a very good location – could fit 4 people in a private room and it’s comfortable and clean for the price. Costing £60 per person for 2 nights. 

So our budget was £150 spending money for 3 full days. I would advise 2 days preferably, dependent on what you want to do. Roughly £50 a day minimal for Copenhagen!

In the time we had, we did as many free activities as possible, you may want to go and do paid attractions but I would advise more spending money – It’s a very expensive city, even compared to London.

Day 1:
We arrived in the early afternoon with a cab from the airport to out hostel costing us 325 Kroner (K) on the metre/ 65 per person. After checking in, we went for a walk about town. Since one of us is vegan, we researched a cafe which did both vegan and non-vegan food, called Atlas bar. In the heart of town, it does incredible food made with top ingredients and it was absolutely delicious. It was definitely one of the more pricier places we ate at but well worth it, especially with the portion sizes they give! Generally, our lunch costs us about 210 Kroner, plus a 20K tip. Definitely worth going, not to mention a great location to just walkabout and get a feel for Copenhagen.
(Pictured below is the vegan stir fried vegetables with tofu)


We also grabbed dessert at the adorable and cosy Donut Shop. Which had yummy donuts, teas and coffees, friendly staff and is full of a vintage ensemble of sofas, Simpsons references and warm candle lighting. A cute place to sit back and just relax. A tea or coffee will cost you around 25K.

After a long day of travelling and walking about, we headed back to our hostel and grabbed a light bite to eat in the hostels cafe. A cookie, tea and pasta salad costing 60K.

Day 2:
For a delicious and dare I say massive sandwich, we walked to a nearby bakery but since they’d sold out of any of their vegan pastries and were unable to make a vegan sandwich, we went to The Sandwich shop which was just down the road from it. Absolutely delicious, you get a bunch of option to choose from (you’ll need to ask for the English menu though). When it comes to food, the Danish certainly aren’t shy! A ham and cheese sandwich and a fresh orange juice will set you back about 85K

IMG_5606 (3).PNG


After breakfast, we walked along the main High Street which is full of shops. Grabbing a cheap, fresh and delicious lunch at Wok u like for 45K.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


A 25 minute walk took us to the Freetown of Christiania. We actually ended up going through the back entrance, and leaving via the well known ‘Pusher Street’ where they, according to their own laws (since Christiania identify themselves as independent from the rest of Copenhagen), legally sell Cannabis. But don’t be put off by the intimidating Pusher Street!


The walk and houses around the lake were stunning and the people friendly. I highly recommend visiting! It also has an amazing backstory involving being an old military base, deffo recommend a quick Wiki read up! Also, graffiti and street lovers will rejoice at this place! Just be sure not to take pictures on Pusher Street, unless signs tell you otherwise, as you could be kicked out.


After grabbing a coffee, we left and headed to Nyhavn, the riverside street known for its unique colourful houses. Short of walking its length, taking pictures and eating at one of the many restaurants lining its bank, there little else to do here but a must see nonetheless!

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Later that day, for dinner we ate at the coolest library-turned-restaurant across for the University of Copenhagen! As an idea, prawns, a cookie and a coke will cost you around 120K. They’re food was tasty, well priced and came in good time. They also had some vegetarian and vegan options too.
Note: It runs on a seat yourself basis, which being a busy place, especially on the weekend might be overwhelming but its huge so there was plenty of spaces free.


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Day 3:
Today was our last day and a lazy and food filled one at that. We grabbed a cheap 23K breakfast at a local bakery, and idly walked over to and around the grounds of the Cheistianborgs Palace, which was free. We then ate lunch at Cafe Katz, with a Build-Your-Own-Brunch costing 173K. We later grabbed some snacks for the travels home which came to 40K. 70K each then went towards the taxi from our hostel to the airport, leaving us with around 100-200K left. We had a little room in our budget for eating in slightly more expensive places or doing maybe a boat trip on the canal, and even some spare time for that too. But we opted to leave seeing for example the Copenhagen Mermaid, mostly because according to friends and other blogs, the 35 minute walk there simply just isn’t worth it, for what is a statue the size of your calf. With that said, The Mermaid is definitely still something to do if you’re on a budget and don’t mind the walk.

But if you’ve got the dough, you could take a trip to Sweden for the day,  go to the Zoo, see Tivoli Gardens, visit the Natural History Museum or The World’s Oldest Theme Park which was built in 1598, and only 20 mins from the city!

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

For what we did, two days would have been the perfect amount of time, however, it just meant we saw everything else at a much more leisurely pace and got a real feel for Copenhagen-living!

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Written and edited by Raphaella and Amy Ruggiero

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