Exploring Taormina with Padre

Join me on a culinary adventure in Sicily, I will fill you in on places to eat, things to see and do, and where to stay.

An hour drive from Catania Airport, you will arrive at the hilltop town of Taormina.

So I have to start with the accommodation, we booked an Air BnB which to our surprise was roughly 300 steps up a mountain side but boy, was the view worth it!


This was the view we had from the living room in the morning, looking across the town and the never-ending  mediterranean sea.

What to do In Taormina?

A really nice place to visit is the Ancient Greek Theatre, its €10 entry and you are likely spend about an hour here, as you get the most magnificent view of Mount Edna. If your brave enough you can get an excursion going up Mount Edna at 3000 metres high from roughly €85, depending on what company you go with.


Visit Isola Bella, meaning beautiful island – a Nature Reserve and pebble beach that you can get a cable car down to from town to venture the surrounding area. There is also a nice beach as you come down the cable cart called The Bay of Mazzaro.


As you can see it is a very scenic place to go, including wondering though the mesmerizing Botanical Gardens.


Where to Eat in Taormina?

Being a massive food lover,  I was in my element. It’s ultimately my favourite cuisine! So I am going to help my fellow travellers out and suggest places to eat and what prices you would be expecting to pay and of course, photos of food!

Coffee Shops

Pasticcereria Etna was a quaint little coffee shop down the piazza, with seating outside only. We enjoyed a cannoli which was one of the best according to Padre, so we re-visited and of course the coffee was just as good too, and as little as 8 euros.

Bam Bar

This is the place to come if you’re looking for the best granita in Sicily! If you don’t know what granita is; It’s a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and various flavours like coffee, mango, lemon, strawberries etc., topped off with cream and you usually have this with a brioche bun! A must try!


Best Restaurants

Vino da Nino is where all the locals go, so you know It’s going to be good. We decided to go for the specials to start with which were tuna carpaccio and beef carpaccio (€15) and for the main we went for a spaghetti vongole (€14) which is my favourite dish ever! And another special, ravioli spinach and ricotta (€16). Then shared a fruit salad for dessert, and finished it off with an espresso. Plus a glass of house red (which I do not recommend), and still bottled water during the meal. The total came to €75



Ristorante L’incontzo, here we have a traditional Sicilian restaurant – we went all in and did it how the Italians do, by having 4 sharing courses. We started with fresh clams and mussels, in a white wine, garlic and parsley sauce.


Then went on to hand rolled pasta called maccorani (different to what we know) with fennel sausage minced within a light tomato sauce, topped off with breadcrumbs on top. This dish was exploding with flavour, I could eat this dish ten times over.

IMG_2922.jpgWe then went on to a meat dish, stuffed veal with new potatoes

IMG_2923.JPGAnd for dessert we finished off with 2 coffees and a cannoli. This meal came to €66.5 for the both of us.


Top Tip: Walking between the arches in the Piazza is usually the tourist hot spots, so better to avoid the main arches and the square for eating out, as it tends to be over-priced. Go to the outside of the arches for more traditional Sicilian food that’s much cheaper and much tastier.

Overall we spent about £70 per person, per day, to eat and drink 4 times a day, and venture around town seeing the sites, enjoying life, and getting great Sicilian olive oil, balsamic vinegar and wine which is all grown round the Edna region to take home. This is a very, very comfortable budget, you can spend a lot less if need be!

IMG_2882.jpgIf you are wanting to eat on a budget, venture to the markets! You will not be disappointed! Here is my Padre, what a lemon!

Written by Amy Ruggiero
Edited by Raphaella Ruggiero

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