Florence on a Shoestring

An all-walking city break in Firenze! Just got back, and had to blog about this straight away to share with you all.

All booked a few weeks ago, flight was £60 with Ryaniar – hand luggauge only, Air Bnb £50pp outside city centre (30 min walk) and 120 euros spending money for 4 days in the city.

IMG_2721.JPGDay 1

Early morning flight with Ryanair from Stansted Airport to Pisa (managed to get a bargain flight for £60, book during the week early afternoon), then once we landed, we got a bus to Florence which took an hour and cost 10 euros pp.

We had a wonder round and found a small, tasty pizza joint for lunch which cost 12 euros for a pizza and a drink, we then headed to the Air BnB which was a slight mission to find….after a very long walk and getting slighty lost, we found our Air BnB which was next to one of the best gelaterias in Firenze!

Must Go: Gelateria Cavini, 3 euro pot with three scoops of your choice, I tried chocolate chip, rum & raisin and biscotti.

For dinner we walked back in to town by the Duomo, and found an amazing restaurant down one of the side streets (avoid the main square and any restaurants with photo images) I had the best, freshest spaghetti alla vongole for just 12 euros with a drink. Then we got to see the Duomo at night.

18,000 steps later and being awake for 18 hours, we were knackered and ready for bed.

Ended up spending 41 euros, which was one of our more expensive days.

P1010347.JPGDay 2

This was one of our cheapest days out, we pre-booked the excursion tickets to the Dome, Baptistery, Bell tower and museum so we didn’t have to wait in a ton of ques instead we got to que jump everything just had to keep to the time slots. This cost 15 euros online.

Inside the top of the Duomo was the most amazing paint work! You also have to climb the bell tower for a great photography opportunity, as you can see below!


Don Nino – the ice cream parlour where i had a coffee ice cream for 3.50 euro, pretty pricey for a scoop, but it was tasty.

IMG_2657.JPGSpent as little as 13 euros, and we saw all the tourist attractions within a few hours due to pre-booking.

Day 3

This day was dedicated to the gardens and church at the very top of the city, San Miniato al Monte which has to be the best photo point you can find in Florence.


While we were walking around we found the Hotel La Scarletta, which has a quaint rooftop terrance, to take in the sun in with a cool vodka, lime and lemonade for 8 euros.

We ventured to the weirdest natural history museum called Museo El Specola which is mostly zoology based. If you want to see one of the biggest collections of stuffed animals it is here and to top it off it had a very dated, weird collection of the human anatomy. Very quirky!

Tip: It usually cost 8 euros but we got in for free in the late afternoon as the ticket office was closed.

Warning – Tourist Trap: Do not eat in restaurants that have food images on there menu or are near the main attaractions the food is mostly quick and frozen, unless your going for a pizza.

We walked 8 miles and 22,000 steps later we were done for the day. We spent 36 euros, mostly on food and I got a couple of souvenirs.

Day 4

Our finale day before we fly home, we set off for Pisa in the morning by getting a train for 8.60 euros, cheaper and faster then the bus and a 15 minute walk to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, where we got one of this beautiful action shoot. Fail. But Funny. IMG_2717.JPG

We found a lovely cafe on the way back towards Pisa station called La Borsa, where we had some tasty pasta for lunch for as little as 6 euros, which was shortly followed by a double scoop of ice cream.

We then got on the PisaMover which cost 2.70 euro to the airport, they come every 5 minutes and take 5 minutes to get to the airport.

This day costs as little as 21 euros.

So that was the end of our trip! This trip can easily be done within 2/3 days.

Tip: Walk everywhere, if I can do it you can 🙂 22 miles later…

Tip 2: Buy lunch from the supermarket can make a great sarnie for very cheap and we ate dinner in our apartment one night and brought our own pasta and fresh sauasge it was better then the tourist spot restaurant.


Written by Amy Ruggiero
Edited by Raphaella Ruggiero


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