Where to stay in Sri Lanka on a budget?

Here are all the places we stayed in Sri Lanka whilst on our 2 week journey.

So me and my sister hired our own personal driver for Sri Lanka for the 2 weeks that we were there to see as much of the county as possible and of course get from one place to the other.

This is the best way of getting around for as little as £28 a day. This was booked in advanced online and the schedule sent to the driver to calculate the mileage for the total price. Top tip – make sure you get a few qoutes, everything is included so there arnt any hidden costs and tip your driver at the end of the journey (£80-£100) for the 2 weeks.

So the adventure began by getting to the nearest beach resort in Negombo and stayed at Hotel J – 3 star.

With a view of the beach, comfortable beds with an air-conditioned room and a great pool to relax by, we were set for as little as £21 each for 2 nights and it included breakfast.

Once we were settled in our driver, who is always on call – took us to a recommended seafood restaurant which was ridicuoly cheap! We had a sea food platter, including king prawns, calamari, crabs and a lot for more for less than £10! I think Negombo had the best food around especially the crab curries.

11986052_10153133494607965_1865605352_oAfter two days of rest, eating and jet lag we began on route to our next destination high up in the mountains with stunning views and sceneray – next stop Nuwara Eliya, Tea country We stayed at Thuruliya Lodge a 3 star hotel, which was practically empty- £18.50 for two nights per person including breakfast. This hotel was in the clouds overlooking some incredible valleys.


Hotel Eden in Sigiriya – 2 and half star – £70 per person for 4 nights including breakfast.

Practically in the middle of no-where but near enough to go and visit Lion’s Rock Fortress and go on a elephant safari in the nearby national parks.

We had a large room with one double bed and a single bed, air conditioning and a pool all to ourselves. The staff here was very friendly and helpful. If you plan on relaxing by the pool be sure to ask the staff for mattress for the wooden sun loungers, they keep them inside in case it rains.

DSC_0066Primate centre in Polonnaruwa – £77 each for 2 nights including the slender loris night tour and primate tour in the Polonnaruwa ruins and all the food we could eat for the time we stayed. The curries here are the best curries your have on your entire trip!

Highly recommend this place for animal lovers.

This was a basic, twin room with air conditioning. It had its own little forest area with wildlife surrounding it including the slender Loris that live on site and at the back is a lake where you can go and relax and play with the resident German Shepard.

DSC_0795Aqua Hotel Trincomalee is a backpackers paradise – 2 star – £50 each for 4 nights.

Very basic room with air con but quite uncomfortable and the power went off a couple of times. There is also a cheaper option of staying on some beach huts or ‘backpacker’ caves. Although we heard that these can get extremely hot, and with just a small fan in what is basically a hole just large enough to sleep in, one other traveller we got talking to said they ended up taking their sleeping bag and sleeping outside the cave in the end.

The food at this place was bad, and all western food.The pool was pretty grim but the beach was breathtaking!

Kandy City Hotel – 3 and a half stars – 1 night – £40 each including breakfast.

Great room with double bed and air conditioned and you can even get room service. I recommend the Chinese restaurant within the hotel, it was amazing! This is a great city and the 2nd capital according to the locals.

Wish we stayed here longer, the locals were amazing and very helpful directing us to the local markets where everything is cheap. And warning us about the lake…..where we shouldn’t go at nights due to drug deals. Everything here is within a walkable distance, which is good because the one-way roads through the city mean there is always traffic.

Best Western Elyon Colombo –  4 star – £50 each for 1 night

Double room with air conditiong, its quite a random location but food is good and it was quick and easy for us to get to the aiprort the next day. Also a nice rooftop bar with live singers and a stunning view of the city at night.


Total for accommodation is £274 per person for 7 destinations and all booked in advance

Flights £500 per person with Sri Lankan Airways (Direct) in September 2015

Car with driver £195 per person for X amount of miles


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